San Clemente Trailers


The Holidays' trailers are located in San Clemente State Beach, on a coastal bluff only a short walk to a beautiful beach down below.  Our trailers are positioned in a way so that they face each other and share a central, communal median area.  Each of our trailers can accommodate 4 adults plus a smaller child in an overhead bunk.  The trailers have a sink for running water, refrigerator, Stove Top area, USB hook up and speakers with bluetooth, but because they are on DRY camping sites, not hook up sites, the electric outlets and bathrooms are not in use.  The outlets, AC, and Microwave, that are in the trailers, can be run by a generator which can be rented for a small fee.  The bathroom has been conveniently turned into a closet/storage area for your use!

Camping is always an adventure!  for us, that's what it is all about, making memories and leaving with stories to tell!  Our goal is to give you the best experience and provide accommodations that are comfortable and fun!